HURE FRERES Champagne Brut "Memoire" NV

Wine region: Champagne - France

Grape: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier

Tasting note: The wine has an intense nose of fresh nut and Mirabelle, yet retains a lively citrus freshness. The length and purity on the palate reveals the potential of the champenois terroirs to develop after many years of maturation.

About the winery: A close-knit family, two brothers sharing a common vision and then passing on their values to the next generation, all this and more makes up the story of Champagne Hure-Freres: started just over 50 years ago and still very much a family business.

What they believe in: Champagne is a patchwork quilt of different terroirs with each Village, each slope and each plot of land offering its own unique aromatic profile. Everything they do is designed not only to respect these differences but to express them as much as possible. When it comes to their Winemaking they select only the finest grapes so as to make champagnes that are complex and elegant: a living reflection, in fact, of the soil from which they are born.