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FRANCOIS VILLARD "L'Appel des Sereines" 2018

Wine Region: Rhone Valley - France

Grape: Syrah

Tasting notes: An elegant and well-made Syrah, a pleasant wine all in balance with its aromas of red fruits that are widely felt in the mouth with this spicy touch that delights us.

About the winery:
A cook by training, François Villard developed a passion for wine at the age of 20. Not knowing how to enter the world of wine, he completed a year of Professional Certificate in sommelier at Tain l'Hermitage. The meetings were decisive and gave him the desire to become a winegrower.
At François Villard, the harvest is concentrated and late, reaching a perfect maturity (but never overripeness) and making its Cote-Rotie and Saint-Joseph among the best in the area.